Christine Zazial presents AnneCecileCreation in the french talk show "Les Brétilliennes"
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#55 Yegg Mag Rennes' WebZine is now available. Women from Rennes have their WebZine.
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AnneCecileCreation dans le WebZine YeggAnneCecileCreation dans le WebZine YeggAnneCecileCreation dans le WebZine Yegg
AnneCecileCreation press kit
AnneCecileCreation who am I
It has been more than 2 years since I began designing handbags.
I buy soft leather clothes to transform into wallets and bags.
I love to create bags, handbags, wallets with those soft skins.

I wear my bags. It fits to me, to my taste.
I am always looking for new models, new shapes.
My creations continuously evolve according leather and high quality fabric I match with.
profil bio AnneCecileCreation

Browse my creations on Instagram or Pinterest :  Type AnneCecileCreation.

Each wallet, each bag is unique design.

I have an eye for detail, strict standards on quality, as for major brand products.

Feel free to send me an @mail : profil bio AnneCecileCreation

profil bio AnneCecileCreation

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