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Every parcel is sent in the "lettre suivi" service provided par french post "La Poste". Tracking number is sent by message the same delivery day.

Track parcel in France on french Website.

80% of orders are sent same days, day + 2 for the later.

insurance can be repquest by customer.

Secured payment, Paypal, visa/mastercard or any card

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A wrapping paper made of tissue matching colored paper is offered for each order.

Your handbag or wallet is valuable, a padded envelope protects it during transport.


It has been more than 2 years since I began designing handbags.
I buy soft leather clothes to transform into wallets and bags.
I love to create bags, handbags, wallets with those soft skins.

I wear my bags. It fits to me, to my taste.
I am always looking for new models, new shapes.
My creations continuously evolve according leather and high quality fabric I match with.
profil bio AnneCecileCreation

Browse my creations on Instagram or Pinterest :  Type AnneCecileCreation.

Each wallet, each bag is unique design.

I have an eye for detail, strict standards on quality, as for major brand products.

Feel free to send me an @mail : profil bio AnneCecileCreation

profil bio AnneCecileCreation

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