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Yellow leather handbag with flap

75 GBP

yellow leather handbag flap removable strap women crossbody

◆ F E A T U R E S ◆

✓ all made of recycled leather, handmade.
✓ Lining fabric blue pattern.
✓ Inside pocket lined with leather and zipper outside lined
✓ magnetic lock
✓ bi-materialn glossy and mat.
✓ Elegant, tough, durable: an original and unique creation.
✓ Shoulder handed.
✓ Quality materials for connecting accessories, strap, shoulder.

For evening, wedding, city...

size: 8.6 in * 5.5 in

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-Anywhere else : 7 à 20 jours
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◆ Q U A L I T Y ◆

Entirely handmade for best quality
I pay attention to each detail
Getting better with passing years
Made in France
One-off piece of craft
Mad ein France

◆ S H O P ◆
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AnneCecileCreation is a french (Rennes) based design company founded in 2014 by Anne-Cécile.

cuir made in France

Since its beginnings my goal has always been to offer a very stylish and unique culture, creating recycled leather and functional products that are characterised by simplicity and have lives measured in decades, not months.

recycle leather stylish leather

My job ? recycling leather
I buy soft leather clothes to transform into wallets and bags.
I love to create bags, handbags, wallets with those tanned skins.


Leather and Fabric are as equal part considered. Each piece is unique.
I am always looking for new models, new forms. My creations continuously evolve according leather and High quality fabric I match with.

I wear my bags. It fits to me, to my taste.
I am always looking for new models, new shapes.
My creations continuously evolve according leather and high quality fabric I match with.
creation originale

Browse my creations on Instagram or Pinterest :  Type AnneCecileCreation.

creation artisanale

Each wallet, each bag is unique design.

I have an eye for detail, strict standards on quality, as for major brand products.
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